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2014 Dr Barbara Orchard

Dr Barbara Orchard is an Old Scholar of Mitcham Primary and Wilderness Schools, is a medical graduate from Adelaide University and has a Master of Public Health degree from Sydney University. She played cricket at Club, University, State and International level, is a former President of the South Australian Women’s Cricket Association, Trustee of the […]

2008 Brigadier Rob Atkinson

First part is to thank those who invited me to speak to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land namely the Kaurna people. The day is a commemoration and acknowledgement of the commitment and values of a previous generation that enabled them to survive and Australia to be one of the victors in World War […]

2006 Harry Medlin

Thank you Colonel. Your Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, Minister Key, Mayor of the City of Marion, Fellow POW’s, Dr Chapman, Deputy Commissioner, Service Personnel, Members of Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen. I was honoured almost beyond belief to have been selected by the Committee to speak to you today for “approximately 20 minutes duration”. I now […]